Worship wherever you are

Tomorrow my husband and I are getting on an airplane heading for Uganda. My oldest son is currently living in China. And I once again find myself in the strange position of having the people I love the most in this world scattered throughout the globe.

Worship Wherever You Are
Wherever we are and regardless of time zones, we are still family. And we are each doing what God has called us to do right now. Brad will lead a conference for a group of African pastors. I will endeavor to walk alongside beautiful women who are so very different from me, yet very much the same.  Joe has been teaching Chinese middle schoolers. Jake, Bella, and Abe are plugging along with summer projects, football practice and too much YouTube at their grandparent's house in Georgia.

We are called for different things in different places at different times. Yet, we are all doing the same thing. Living our lives with the hope of Glory in our sights, walking in the grace we have been given through the death of Christ on the cross and remembering to stay focused on the Gospel as we undertake our daily tasks.⠀

You, sweet friend, are called for the same purpose.  Whether you are vacationing at the beach, working at a job you don't love, wrestling toddlers or traveling across the world, you have a beautiful opportunity to reflect the glory of God to those around you.  All you need to do is to turn to the God of your salvation and grab onto His grace in your life. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Find a place to gather with others who are doing the same thing on Sunday. Open your Bible today.  Cry out to your Creator today. Demand that your week is Gospel-saturated.  And worship wherever you are.

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