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If you’ve been following along, we are in week 5 of the Create Truth Art Challenge where we are currently studying Worship, and this week in particular reflecting on the Lord of Hosts as our place of refuge.  This is the devotional part of it (the Truth Prompt).  You can find the entire lesson, including this devotion and the Creative Prompt, as well as all of the other weekly lessons in the Grace in Color Classroom.  It’s FREE to sign up, so head on over so you don’t miss a thing.

Truth Prompt

We are in our 5th week of Create Truth Art where we are focusing on Worship.  It's interesting how the Lord speaks to us, isn't it? I started this devotion with a particular message in mind to share, and as I prayed and read, I received an even more amazing truth from His Word.

Free Challenge. Worship | Lord of Hosts

Let's dive in. This week's Truth Prompt is inspired by the Shane and Shane song called Lord of Hosts. The lyrics are taken from Psalm 46 and it happens to be my youngest son's favorite song. It's also really cool how God brings things around full circle, as Psalm 46:10 was chosen as my verse for 2017 as part of the Amen Paper Company's Rhythms and Grace devotional and is indeed hanging in my house.

Take a Listen to Lord of Hosts

Written Lyrics

Oh come behold the works of God
The nations at his feet
He breaks the bow
And bends the spear
And tells the wars to cease

Oh mighty One of Israel
You are on our side
We walk by faith in God
Who burns the chariots with fire

Lord of hosts you're with us
With us in the fire
With us as a shelter
With us in the storm

You will lead us
Through the fiercest battle
Oh where else would we go
But with the Lord of hosts

Oh God of Jacob fierce and great
You lift your voice to speak
The earth it bows and
All the mountains move into the sea

Oh Lord you know the hearts of men
And still you let them live
Oh God who makes the mountains melt
Come wrestle us and win

Oh God who makes the mountains melt
Come wrestle us and win

Though oceans roar
You are the Lord of all
The One who calms
The wind and waves
And makes my heart be still

Though the Earth gives way
The mountains move into the sea
The nations rage
I know my God is in control


It really is all about perspective with this song's message. When I listen to this amazing Psalm put to music, I can feel the triumph and the majesty in it. This is one of the reasons that I felt it was so appropriate to end this current series on Worship with this song. It points us to a victorious King. The One who is with us and fights by our side. The God who is always, always in control.

But there is another way to read this meaningful Psalm as well. Yes, the Psalmist does exalt God as our refuge and strength, but the part we sometimes overlook is that we NEED such a refuge and strength.

There is trouble.
The Earth gives way. The mountains crumble. The waters roar.
The nations rage. Kingdoms totter.
There are wars that rage against us.
There is fire. There are storms. There are fierce battles.

We (I) want the victory. We (I) want the refuge of a God that stands by me. But we (I) do not particularly want to go through the trials that require me to need a refuge. God clearly states in His Word that there will be trouble.  So, we should not be surprised when it comes. He also knows that He is our fiercest Defender, and we will draw closer to Him when we have to depend on Him more.

It's about the victory, yes. But there is no victory without the battle.

Scripture Study

1. Read Psalm 46, the inspiration chapter behind this song.

Note that nestled in the middle of it is one of my favorite verses. The one I mentioned above that is in my home. Psalm 46:10. “Be still and know that I am God”. Can you see the context of this verse a little more clearly as you read the entire chapter?  See, it's not about being quiet necessarily, although that can be one application. Taken in its full context, right smack dab in the middle of a chapter on desolation and war, it's actually an admonition to God's enemies. “Be Still” or “Stop Striving”.  Know that I am God and I will be victorious.

We can trust that this is God's battle cry on our behalf towards our enemies and this is also His command to us when we fight against Him, instead of resting in Him.


How does it make you feel when you read this chapter and listen to this song with the full Truth in mind?  Knowing that there is a raging battle in this world today, and the Lord of Hosts is with us as we fight?

How can this give us confidence as we look at our broken world? And how does it stir us to share the good news of the Gospel with those that are dying around us so that they, too, can have shelter from these storms?

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