Bible Journaling: Washi Tape Edges {Video}

I love the Bible.  And I love color. This, my friends, should not surprise you and is one of the reasons I am so attracted to Bible Journaling and Art Journaling.  And this is why no one will be shocked to know that I am adding color to my Bible again… with washi tape!  Creating washi tape edges for the Books of the Bible is easy and adds beauty as well as practicality .

Bible Journaling: How to add washi tape edges to your Bible by Grace in Color {video}

Why should you add washi tape edges in your own Bible or Journal?

Here's the background.  I need tabs on my Bible.  Ok, so I don't NEED them, but I want them.  They are just fun and pretty and honestly, quite helpful when my feeble, frazzled mind forgets where to find Hosea.  But, as you know, Bible pages are a bit… fragile… and I was worried about the integrity of the delicate paper when the tabs were used repeatedly.  Enter the washi tab edges technique!

Edging the first page of each Book of the Bible not only makes it easier to find that Book but adds joy to my heart just by being lovely.  It also makes the page more sturdy and better able to handle a well-used tab.

Side note: if you need Bible tabs as well, I have a set of Watercolor Tabs or Yellow Polka Dot Tabs you might like.

Printable Watercolor Bible Tabs by Grace in Color Printable Yellow Polka Dot Bible Tabs by Grace in Color

How do you do this easily?

I'm including a video, but basically, it's as simple as adding washi tape to the edge of the first page of each Book of the Bible, folding it over making sure to only get one page between the folded tape, and trimming the corners.

That's it.  (It's almost embarrassing how easy it is)

What do you need to have in order to do this yourself?

  1.  A book of some kind.  Of course, my purpose was to add stabilization for my Bible tabs, so I used my Journaling Bible.  But I've also done this technique many times with altered books, journals, and planners.  It's basically the same effect I get when I add tip-ins to books.  It's both pretty and practical.
  2. Washi tape.  I have gathered a pretty big collection, but I'll bet I didn't buy a single roll full-price (well, maybe a couple because they were too cute to pass up).  What I'm telling you is to wait for the sales at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, or use your weekly coupon on a pack of them.  You can also find them on Amazon, so shop around there for a good deal.
  3. Scissors or a corner punch.  I used the Project Life punch by Becky Higgins in my video, but there are several on the market.  And, of course, you have scissors in your junk drawer already and they work great.

And that's it.

Bible Journaling: Washi Tape Edges by Grace in Color

How long does it take to do the Washi Tape Bible Edges?

I'm gonna be honest.  This takes a little while.  BUT since it is super easy, it's perfect for multi-tasking.  I did mine in shifts (as you can see from the video) and I listened to an Audiobook while working.  I also did part of it while supervising homework.  The total process probably took me about an hour, but I'm not very precise… I'm totally cool with imperfection.

Bible Journaling: How to create washi tape edges

So, what are you waiting for?  Go forth and pretty up your Bible even more!  But only if it will help you study it more effectively.

If you do, you know I wanna see!  Tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your newly edged Bible!


  1. loretta on at 3:06 pm

    Im not an artistic journaler. I’m more of a note taker, but I love color and this is an idea that could certainly work for me. Thanks!

    • Jen Evangelista on at 3:18 pm

      Thanks, Loretta. It’s a beautiful thing how we can all study the Word of God in different ways!