New School Year Encouragement

Back to School encouragement for a new year with free printable

It’s back to school time! For many of us, a new school year means a change in schedule and routine. Today, I wanted to share three encouragements for moms, students, and teachers as you begin this academic year. Enjoy the stage you are in right now There is a wide range of emotion involving the…

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Journaling in a Sunburst {Free Printable}

Journaling in a Sunburst with FREE download

Today, I want to show you another creative way to journal.  We have already talked about using Doodled frames in your journaling and there is a free download in a previous post about it for you to try out.  This technique is similar in that it is also a unique way to list things or organize your thoughts.  This…

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Add Pages to Any Book with Tip-Ins

Add pages to any book with tip-ins, plus a freebie

Tip-Ins.  What are tip-ins?  Nope, they have nothing to do with Basketball.  Or Irish dancing.  They are near-magical ways to add beauty and practicality to any book, journal or planner.  Sounds like a tall order, right?  Well, let me show you! What is a tip-in? Simply put, a tip-in is a piece of paper or…

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Which of these 8 Planner Personalities Am I?

Discover which of 8 Planner Personalities you are

Before we answer this question, let’s answer another one.  Do I really need a planner?  The answer is actually not an easy one.  The short answer it yes, you do need a planner or planning system.  But the reality is that you already have one, whether you realize it or not.  You either jot appointments…

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