Art Journaling 101: What is Art Journaling?

Art Journaling 101 | What is Art Journaling?

Art Journaling has been around for a very long time.  Throughout history, great thinkers like Thomas Edison and Stephen Hawking recorded their ideas visually as they doodled sketches alongside detailed notes.  There is something powerful in the combination of images and words and the Art Journaling you create today can be just as impactful on…

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5 Arguments That Prove You Are Creative

5 Arguments That Prove You are Creative

You are creative. Period.  One of the things I hear the most when I tell people about Grace in Color is that they are not artistic or creative.  It’s just not true (notice that I resisted the urge to say “Hogwash”).  Even if you never choose to practice your creativity in the ways other artists…

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Journaling in a Sunburst {Free Printable}

Journaling in a Sunburst with FREE download

Today, I want to show you another creative way to journal.  We have already talked about using Doodled frames in your journaling and there is a free download in a previous post about it for you to try out.  This technique is similar in that it is also a unique way to list things or organize your thoughts.  This…

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Journal with Word Strips

Use Word Strips in your Journaling

I love to journal.  I write in the margins of books and bibles, I take sermon notes every week, I write in notebooks and journals all the time.  In fact, my first course here at Grace in Color is one where I teach you to create your own journal simply and inexpensively.  It’s called Journal…

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