Study God's Word

The Truth of the Gospel demands to be displayed.  Here you will be inspired to dig deeper into God's Word, pour our hearts out in prayer and journal all that we are learning.  You will be a part of a community of women who love God or are seeking this life-giving Truth, encouraging each other along the way.  You will learn to infuse your faith into your art in new and fun ways.  We are created to worship and will be reminded of that through devotions and study.

Create Something

From Mixed Media to digital art to more classic crafts, there is plenty to find here to spark your creativity.  Learn to use your hands to create projects that you will be proud of.  And more importantly, learn to use those projects to grow in your faith.  Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, you will come away from these tutorials with ideas and a desire to get your hands a little dirty.

Plan and Organize

This is more than just putting your dentist appointments in an agenda (although that is certainly important).  These posts and tutorials will inspire you to get your life organized and document the little things that make you and your family special along the way.  There will be reviews and tips, inspiring you to use your creativity as you plan your days, months and years.


Free Prayer Resources to help you grow in your prayer life

Create and Study

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