Palm Sunday: The Beauty of a Donkey

Palm Sunday is all about the Triumphal Entry of Christ.  It is named for the Palm branches laid on the path before him.  And although we could discuss many facets of this spectacular story, I want to focus on the donkey.

Just hang with me for a minute, ok?  It's not as weird as it sounds.

Palm Sunday: The beauty of a donkey

Scripture references: Zechariah 9:9-13 and Matthew 21:1-11

Jesus chose a baby donkey

Jesus chose a baby donkey to ride in on, and it was for a specific reason.  His salvation was not completed through military might, as the people of Israel assumed it would, but through Jesus actually losing Earthly power and dying on that cross.  We are not saved by our good works or because we are strong enough.  We are saved when we die to ourselves and allow Christ to give us His power and righteousness.

And guys, this is GREAT NEWS!  Because when are our abilities, or faith, or strength good enough otherwise?  We do not have to chase that elusive "enough", but can rest in what He did for us!

Christ did not ride in on a white warhorse in this story.  He humbled himself to sit on a baby donkey, reminding us that admitting our weaknesses and utter inability to do it alone is exactly what we need in order to be saved.

Palm Sunday illuminates an age-old contrast

With this in mind, Palm Sunday is actually a reflection of the contrast between what we THINK we need (the white warhorse savior) and what we ACTUALLY need (the humble King on the donkey).  We don't need a God to bring judgment on the world around us, but to save US from the judgment we rightly deserve before a Holy God as sinners against Him.  We need reconciliation with a righteous God, not a better life now.

Sometimes (often), the way that God moves and works in our lives is confusing to us in the moment.  But you can trust that He will give you exactly what you need.

Christ loved us enough to give us this object lesson on that first "Palm Sunday".  He humbled himself to show us what we need.

And that, my friends, demands our worship.

This devotional is part of the 10 Day Countdown to the Cross Challenge that I invite you to join (regardless of the time of year).

And as a Bonus for today's lesson, enjoy this Palm Sunday Printable - these can be used as Tip-Ins, bookmarks or journal cards to help you remember what God teaches you as you read his Word.  Enjoy.


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