Finish Strong Workbook and Planner

Are you a little frazzled or disorganized at this time of year as you plan for the Holiday, try to keep your family happy and battle commercialism, all while working to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas?  Do you enjoy planning and love new tools that help you?  Does the idea of planning make you twitch but you sort of need new tools to help you? Do you have a desire to finish this year strong as you prepare next year?

If any of that describes you, I think you will love the Finish Strong Workbook and Planner.  It's more than a planner.  It's more than a workbook.  It includes calendars and planning pages to help with your organizational side.  And it includes Art and Journaling Prompts (5 weeks worth of each) to feed your creative side.  And it includes Scripture prompts to help you send out the year with a focus on the Gospel.

The Finish Strong Workbook and Planner is ready to print and it'll be sent to you immediately.  You can print it out on regular paper and put it in a binder or print it out at 70% and put the pages in a composition book, like the one you can create in the Journal in 7 Course.

However you choose to use it, you will find it fun and practical!

Finish this year Strong with this Workbook and Planner from Grace in Color.  #planner #holidayplanning #newyearplanning

What does the Finish Strong Planner and Workbook include?

*December and January blank calendars, ready to fill in for planning

* A Holiday To Do list big enough for all you need

* A budget sheet to keep track of your expenses over the holidays

* A page to document your special December Memories, and another one for other memories

* Kick it old school and keep track of your Christmas card addresses with this next page, it’s great to keep on hand for when you get a card from someone who needs to go on your list

* Two pages to help you plan out 31 photos you want to take so you don’t forget a single moment, one is numbered and one is not

* Print a Holiday Entertaining page for each event you are hosting

* A gift list that will help you remember all of the people in your life you want to bless this season

* An online shopping tracker

* Five full weeks of Scripture Prompts to keep your heart focused on the Gospel during this busy time. These are great to pair with the Bible Journaling Prompts

* Five weeks of Journaling Prompts to help you reflect on your past and look forward to the future. Use them in a separate journal or on the Notes pages of this workbook

* Bible Art Journaling Prompts (yep, five weeks worth) to keep your creative juices flowing and keep you creating

* TWO pages with areas to create on them. These can be Hand lettering, art journaling, journaling from the prompts, Bible Study... anything goes

* And another page that I actually titled Anything Goes! This, as well as a Notes page, gives you plenty of room to write or create.

* Looking Back page. This page has 12 sections and I encourage you to review each month of this past year and write down a memory or blessing from each month. Remember what God has done.

* Looking Ahead page. This page also has 12 sections and is a great place to document goals you want to attain in the coming year or memories you want to make.

When is the best time to use this planner?

Whether you are a procrastinator or are prepared in advance, this Planner has you in mind.  Get yourself more organized as Christmas approaches and flex your creative muscles in any downtime you have.  And yes, making time for yourself and for God is not only possible but necessary in any season.

Why is it so inexpensive?

I want everyone to have this who can use it.  A large Starbucks coffee, a Big Mac meal, a tube of lipstick and 4 hours in a Parking Garage each will cost you seven dollars.  However, none of those things will help you Finish Strong this year.  This will!