Digital Bible Journaling {Free Kit}

When I say the words Digital Bible Journaling, what's the first thing you think of?  Does it scare you a little?  Confuse you?  Hang on!  I'd love for you to open your mind a bit and explore with me how you can use digital images that other artists create in your own Bible Journaling.  You might just surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it… and how non-techy it can actually be.

It's fun to step out of your comfort zone and for some of you, this is a leap.  Never forget that at its core, Bible Journaling is always about the Word.  This is just another way to worship, create and learn.

Digital Bible Journaling: Free Printable Kit by Grace in Color

Why will you enjoy digital Bible journaling?

This expression of Bible Journaling started for me with my love of documenting the big and small moments of my family's life.  I was a scrapbooker way before it was a cool thing to be.  Wait, it's cool, right?

Anyway, my lack of time and space merged with my desire to document our memories and I became a digital scrapper about 10 years ago.  That's way cooler.  Right?  Still doesn't sound cool, but moving on.

This hobby transitioned into digital art journaling and eventually, I missed getting my hands dirty so much that I morphed into creating hybrid mixed media creations.

When Bible Journaling came on my radar, it made sense for me to try it out in the same way, using digital pieces alongside my paints and ephemera.  That may sound a bit scary to you, but it's a wonderful (and simple) way to enjoy this form of worship.

If you like creating with your hands… or a computer… you will enjoy this!

How can you try digital Bible journaling for yourself?

Let me take you step by step through this process.

1.  Gather supplies.  Digital supplies like those sold in a digital scrapbooking site can be easily printed out and used.  And bonus points… you can print and use them again and again.   OK, that is cool!  My personal favorite website for these kinds of elements and papers is The Lilypad.

In fact, I have a few Workshops and products over there right now where you can explore this more closely with me.

Heart of Scripture Workshop: Praise and Petition  Creative You Bible Journaling Kit and Devotional  

If you want to kick it old school, you could also totally gather supplies from around your house…  bits of paper, invitations, paper crafting supplies, children's craft supplies.  You can use anything you can glue down!  I do this, too.

2. Decide on your background.  This can be a journal, Bible, Interleaved Bible, notecards or any paper. Your imagination is your only limit.  Spoiler, I do most of my “Bible Journaling” in notebooks.  Yep, it's totally OK to do that!

3. Assemble your page.  In the example I am showing you below, I copied and pasted the text I was studying into a document to print out.  I used a piece of digital paper as the background.

Then on the opposite page, I created a scene that helped me to visualize myself as the one lost sheep in the parable of Luke 15.  It reminds me that I am precious and that God found me.  He chased me down with His grace and saved me.  I did nothing.  I was indeed lost.  The good shepherd did it all.

Digital Bible Journaling Page by Jen Evangelista from Grace in Color. Digital Bible Journaling Page by Jen Evangelista from Grace in Color.

The act of putting these pieces of art together was enough to feed my creative spirit and help me slow down enough to pray about and understand the text more fully.

I created this in Photoshop, but it could just as easily be created by printing the elements and/or text on paper… or clear sticker paper and assembling as a collage.  Come on… now I'm getting cooler… am I right?

Every time I see this page in this notebook, it reminds me of the important truth of that parable. And I will worship my Good Shepherd.

Now it's your turn… and I have a free Bible journaling printable for you to help you get started.

I'm including a printable Bible journaling kit you are welcome to download for FREE if you want to try this out for yourself.  The theme of this kit is the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5.  I'd love to see what you create with it so feel free to tag me on Social Media @gracencolor or email me.

Free Bible Journaling Kit: Fruits of the Spirit by Grace in Color

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If you are a skimmer, here's the important part of this post.  Bible Journaling is many things to many people.  But it should always start with the Word of God and is ultimately a form of worship and a way to draw you closer to your Creator God.  Using printables is just one way to do this.

Enjoy.  Have fun.  Learn new creative techniques.  And dig a little deeper into the Word today.

Free Bible Journaling Printable Kit