Discover how creativity will jump-start your Bible Study!

Study TWO books of the Bible over FOUR weeks...

even if you don't know where to start


Creative Bible Study Challenge

Do you know that we all learn differently? Of course, you do. And do you know that there is a physiological reason for that? Again, I'm sure you do. Isn't it cool how God made us all unique!

So, it shouldn't surprise you when you can't seem to really study the Word of God using the same methods that the sister in Christ who you totally look up to does. Right? Right. Let's give each other grace and try some new things.

The entire point of this challenge is to strengthen our walk with God so that we can glorify Him and point others to His work on the cross. That's it. Yes, we are encouraged and edified by digging into God's Word. Yes, we can find ways to have a better Tuesday. But that's not the primary purpose we were created.

In this informal challenge, we will go through several techniques mentioned in the Grace in Color LIVE Facebook Show. I've embedded those videos in the classroom, or you are welcome to watch them at

Some of these tips may seem perfectly normal, and some may stretch you a bit. Some may click for you and others may not fit your learning styles at all. That's OK. You are a beautiful woman who was created to worship a mighty God.

Let's do that together.


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