Applications are closed at this time, but the Grace in Color team will continue to grow this year so be on the lookout for future opportunities.

Have a blessed day.



Dear Content Manager,

I am hiring a content manager because I’ve maxed out what I'm able to do without you on my team. 

This role is the #1 priority at Grace in Color right now. Why? Because everything I do here centers around teaching busy women practical ways to gain a closer relationship with God and helping them grow their faith. I truly need a partner in this and a leader who can turn my resources into effective tools that help women grow spiritually.

I have over 25 years of experience caring for others in ministry and have been working in this particular online space for over 3 years. Along the way, I’ve discovered several creative and effective ways to teach women these important disciplines.


Before: When I first started Grace in Color, I focused on the creative aspects of Bible Study and found that women became easily distracted from what is most important… the study itself.

After: Now I am using Grace in Color to educate women to use their creativity in Bible Study, but I am also using it to direct women into the membership I run with Arabah Joy, Sojo Academy, so they can truly find the tools for transformation they need. (Bible Study, creativity, accountability)


If this is the type of thing you get excited about, keep reading!


This role is important because without you I will not have the capacity (aka: team and skill set) to continue expanding this ministry and reaching more women. I need you to build upon what I’ve started, invent new and better content and help change the world 1 woman at a time, by pointing them to the only One who can truly transform them. 

What will you learn in this role? 

If you come from the traditional ministry world, the pace of innovation, action taking and iteration might be uncomfortable for you. You’ll learn how to move fast, iterate quickly and put zero value into “how it’s been done before”.

There is truly zero red tape at Grace in Color. I don’t care about how other people have always done things or how you have always done things. What I care about is: 1) you love what you do every day for this ministry and wake up excited to do it; and 2) the women we serve and their spiritual health.

I ruthlessly measure both of those.

In this role you will learn: 

  1. How to create innovative education and training content focused on readers success
  2. How to curate content around a topic that will lead readers down a path to growth.
  3. How to grow a business by taking a topic and directing women into paid programs and products that will not only help us, but will give them more value than they ever expected.
  4. How to quickly test, validate and implement new ideas.

You’ll walk away from your time at Grace in Color having help lead and grow a business that is first and foremost a ministry. 

Who will you work with? 

You will work directly with me, Jen Evangelista.  And I’m so excited to partner with you in this!

You will be the 1st official employee of GiC and will help me grow a team of women who become family, working toward the same goal of sharing the Gospel with a dying world.

Where will you work? 

We will all work remotely and although I am in Georgia (Eastern time zone), you can work from wherever you are. 

That means you have the flexibility to work from home, a coworking location or even Starbucks. 

I won’t micromanage you. Rather, as the Content Manager, I expect you to be the director of your area. I will, however, be accessible to you and will meet with you regularly (at least 2x a month via video and as often as needed via Voxer) to discuss ideas and brainstorm.  

You won’t be left on your own, but I want you to be free to be creative!

You will own 3 numbers as the Content Manager: 

  1. % increase in Social Media followers
  2. Number of SM responses
  3. Number of email responses

What does Grace in Color do and why? 

Grace in Color provides education and resources to help busy women re-ignite their passion for the Word of God and grow in their Christian faith.

This is done through a combination of free worksheets and resources as well as paid products and classes.  And the eventual goal is to introduce everyone in the GiC community to Sojo Academy, a membership for Christian women to gain tangible ways to dig into the disciplines that will lead to spiritual growth.

I started this ministry because I am a pastor’s wife and  I realized that women, even in our church, were getting a lot of Bible Study resources online, and honestly, some of the sites they were learning from were not solid or even correct. 

That grieved my heart so I wanted to give an alternative.I truly believe that the Gospel transforms lives, but the distractions of “shiny objects”, even when women have good motives can stunt that sanctification.

My passion is to get women in the Word and let it do the rest!

What will your responsibilities be?

Practically speaking, you will be on the front lines of content, which I never take lightly.

You will:

Help create the content calendar and plan monthly themes.

Curate and create content for 3 emails and 12 social media posts (both FB and IG) per month related to the theme, including copy and images for social media.

Create optimized pins when appropriate.

Respond to emails and social media comments.

You will need to:

Understand the Gospel and be able to share your salvation story with me

Share the desire to spread the truth of the Gospel to others

Be a good writer and communicator, with a compassionate heart for others

Have experience with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and (minimally) Twitter

Understand marketing and how funnels work, taking women from a topic to a call to action

What will your benefits be?

You will be a partner in ministry with me, helping to build a strong and close-knit team over time.

Work with me as a part-time position of approximately 10 hours/week, with some weeks more than others depending on what is going on.

$13/hour plus free access to all of my products, courses and services for as long as you are employed by GiC.

Flexible hours and the ability to work from anywhere that has internet access.

The opportunity to educate yourself further with access to any course that I currently (or will) own to learn the skills needed to do your job.

Access to stock images and photography to be used in your GiC work.

Room for advancement in responsibilities, time and salary over time as the business continues to grow if it’s the right fit for both of us.


Soooo.... if you are interested in building a team, a business and a ministry with the primary goal of helping women gain a better relationship with the Lord, while having a whole lot of fun doing it, I look forward to talking to you.

Talk to you soon! 


Next Steps: Complete the application below.  Once completed, I will contact you no later than January 6th for a possible face to face chat via zoom.  I'm so excited to work with you!