Finish Strong Workbook and Planner

Finish Strong Planner and Workbook

Are you a little frazzled or disorganized at this time of year as you plan for the Holiday, try to keep your family happy and battle commercialism, all while working to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas?  Do you enjoy planning and love new tools that help you?  Does the idea of planning make you twitch…

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Creative Journaling in Circles {Free Printable}

Journal in Circle Frames, FREE Printable Download

Journaling is so important to me and is a discipline that I think can really help with organization and focus.  I love to write, even when it’s just small snippets of information, like a To Do List or quick memory.  I also love to journal in different ways.  Mainly because I get bored easily.  We…

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Doodled Frames are Fun {FREE Doodled Frames Download}

Free page of 10 doodled frames, boxes

Doodling is a super easy way to add a little fun to any page.  And honestly, anyone can do it!  Doodled frames can be used to separate things into boxes can help keep you organized, which is a bonus. One of the Creative Prompts in the Create Truth Art Challenge is actually using doodled frames.  You…

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Add Pages to Any Book with Tip-Ins

Add pages to any book with tip-ins, plus a freebie

Tip-Ins.  What are tip-ins?  Nope, they have nothing to do with Basketball.  Or Irish dancing.  They are near-magical ways to add beauty and practicality to any book, journal or planner.  Sounds like a tall order, right?  Well, let me show you! What is a tip-in? Simply put, a tip-in is a piece of paper or…

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Which of these 8 Planner Personalities Am I?

Discover which of 8 Planner Personalities you are

Before we answer this question, let’s answer another one.  Do I really need a planner?  The answer is actually not an easy one.  The short answer it yes, you do need a planner or planning system.  But the reality is that you already have one, whether you realize it or not.  You either jot appointments…

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