Journal in 7 course: create a unique journal in seven steps

Learn to Create an Original and Creative Journal

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I love notebooks and journals and diaries and planners.  I have them all over my house and use them for all kinds of things.  And I love creating them myself.…

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Discover which of 8 Planner Personalities you are

Which of these 8 Planner Personalities Am I?

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Before we answer this question, let's answer another one.  Do I really need a planner?  The answer is actually not an easy one.  The short answer it yes, you do…

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The Cross of CHrist. Quote by CHarles Spurgeon

The Simplicity of the Gospel

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This devotion was written over 120 years ago, and yet it may be even more applicable today in our age of enlightenment and academics.  I love education, don't get me wrong.…

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Artsy Photo Colorization Technique | Step by Step Photoshop Tutorial |

Artsy Photo Colorization Technique

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Artsy Photo Colorization Technique Hey, all. I have a fun little photo trick for you. A step by step Photoshop tutorial to add pop to a photo.  Then you can…

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