There is something special about old friends... and new friends.

Many of our fondest memories undoubtedly involve the people in our lives we call friends.

They know us well and they love us in spite of it.

So, as you are focusing on this AWESOME Blog Hop, called All About Me... remember that you are who you are because of the people surrounding you.

And included among these people are your friends!

Take a minute out of your day to shoot a text, email, phone call or card to a friend today.  And thank them for loving you.

Free Printable Digital Kit from at The Lilypad.

You probably came here following the Blog Hop at The Lilypad!  Awesome, I'm so glad to have you!

Below is my contribution to the TLP DSD Blog Hop.  You can grab it HERE, or by clicking the image.


Next, head on over to Kristin Aagard's blog for her part!

Remember, the freebies for Part 1 are only available through October 2nd at 11:59 pm EDT. Look for All About: You and All About: Us in the shop as Free with Purchase kits during our Digital Scrapbooking Day celebrations, from October 3-7.

But wait... there is more... I have another freebie for everyone on my email list!

Coordinating Scripture Cards about Friendship.

Friendship Scripture Journal Cards

Enjoy, have a great day and don't forget to follow the hop to Kristin's Blog for the next part of this incredible MEGA KIT.



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