Doodled Frames are Fun {FREE Doodled Frames Download}

Doodling is a super easy way to add a little fun to any page.  And honestly, anyone can do it!  Doodled frames can be used to separate things into boxes can help keep you organized, which is a bonus.

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One of the Creative Prompts in the Create Truth Art Challenge is actually using doodled frames.  You can find it in Week Ten of that challenge HERE and the final page that was created was used in conjunction with a list of 10 ways to pray Scripture over the important men in your life.  This challenge is FREE to sign up for.  Each week there is a devotion and an art journaling prompt posted.  The challenge ran live from January through March of 2017, but you can go through the challenge at any time at your own pace.  There are no rules!

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Creative Prompt

For this prompt, I encourage you to use 10 doodled boxes to write down 10 prayers for your husband, father, brother, or other important men in your life. You can create a page for each of them or use the same page for them all. Write down your brief prayer and/or the scripture you are praying over them.

Although this technique was used to pray for the men in your life, it can certainly be used for many things. You could write prayers, scripture, sermon points, to do lists, shopping lists… well, anything!  It's quick and easy and if you are a visual person (like I am), it can really help you stay focused.

To get you started, I am providing this FREE page of 10 doodled frames you can download and use.  Again, this can really be used for anything you want.  Color it, resize it, print it or use it as inspiration.

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Use this page in your planner, your Prayer Journal, or any notebook. Or just fill it out and put it on your Fridge.  Have fun with it and if you are using it as a tool to help you in your prayer life, pray over it as you doodle and color.

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The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!  Enjoy and doodle your own frames today!