Coloring: explore your creativity easily {Free Coloring Pages}

There is a new trend right now in the arts and crafts world.  Maybe you've noticed.  Adult coloring!  Yep, just like when we were in Kindergarten.  And it's a little bit awesome for several reasons.  This post will review just a few of the things that may have you looking at coloring in a whole new way.

Coloring: Explore your creativity. Free Coloring Pages

Benefits of Coloring

First of all, stop rolling your eyes.  Seriously.  If it's not your gig, no worries.  But it is a legitimate way to be creative, and there are some positive outcomes to picking up those colored pencils and staying in the lines.

  1.  There is some real science behind coloring as a way to de-stress and relax.  Yep, it can actually help you to focus your mind on a particular (non-stressful) task and allow it to wander away from the stressors that typically barge in. You can totally zone out, which is sometimes an excellent thing. It is a therapy of sorts, although I wouldn't forgo your doctor if you are truly suffering from anxiety or depression.
  2. Along these same lines, your focus doesn't have to be on just the page you are working on.  You can also gain some focus for other things as well.  For example, let's say you are meditating on a specific scripture or passage in the Bible.  Coloring is a great way to think of nothing but that verse for a while and memorize it.  It can also be a time when you can pray.  Sometimes it helps to do something creative with your hands as you talk to God.  Coloring is perfect for this.
  3. You honestly need no skill, and you can get the supplies anywhere.  It's a way to be creative, as you grab for different colors for various parts of your picture, without actually having to draw anything!  The pressure is totally off.
  4. You end up with a lovely work of art.  And yes, it is original because yours is different than anyone else's, even if they used the same coloring page.  You can add journaling to it, add it to your notebooks, bibles, planners or journals or put it on your fridge along with your sweet preschooler's art.

Supplies Needed

One of the advantages of this activity is that you don't need much.  A coloring page and colored pencils.  Easy.


You can find adult coloring books at just about any store right now.  I even saw them at the checkout counter of the grocery store today.  Here are a few from Amazon, but again, they are everywhere!


I do suggest that you use colored pencils to color with, although crayons are cool too.  These are the ones I love, but they are a bit more expensive.  And I don't have the cool sharpener.

(There is a smaller version HERE)

These two options look cool although I have not used them.  Really, I like the boxes (and the reviews are good).

And finally, you probably already have a set of these!  And although they are not “artist” quality, they are perfectly fine to use and will get the job done.

Printable Coloring Pages

You can find these online in a few places or you can download a couple of pages right here from this post!  These are super easy to print and then color.  I like these because you can print as many as you want and not feel bad about cutting them up to use in your other art pages.  Super fun!

There are a few HERE that are great and a ton HERE (you may have to do some searching for something you like).

I have two pages below that you are welcome to [thrive_2step id='2323′]download and use[/thrive_2step].  These are great to be printed and cut out to easily go in your journals.

[thrive_2step id='2323′]Coloring Pages_ Church and Crosses[/thrive_2step]

Don't have a journal?  No problem.  Check out the Journal in 7 Course and create one in a snap.

So to recap.  You can color.  You are an artist.  Use your creativity to the glory of God and let's get to coloring.

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