Add Pages to Any Book with Tip-Ins

Tip-Ins.  What are tip-ins?  Nope, they have nothing to do with Basketball.  Or Irish dancing.  They are near-magical ways to add beauty and practicality to any book, journal or planner.  Sounds like a tall order, right?  Well, let me show you!

Add pages to any book with tip-ins, plus a freebie

What is a tip-in?

Simply put, a tip-in is a piece of paper or card that you add to a book after it is bound.  It can be paper folded and placed in the middle of the book or it can be paper added to the outside edges of the book.  This is what I'm going to show you now.

What materials will I need?

  1.  A journal, book or planner that you want to add more pages to… either for artistic or practical purposes.
  2. Paper or cardstock the size of the pages in your book or smaller.
  3. Washi Tape.

Add pages to any book with Tip-Ins

How exactly do I do this awesome thing?

This video will demonstrate the process but basically, all you are doing is taping the paper in with washi tape.  It's really quite simple.

Create a tip-in Video Tutorial

Why do I need a tip-in?

The hardest part of the whole process is deciding what to use your tip-in for.  Here are some options.

  1.  Art
  2.  To-Do Lists
  3.  Notes from school/church
  4.  Bible Study or scripture memorization
  5.  Doodle practice
  6.  A photo album
  7.  Smash pages (place to glue in memorabilia and ephemera… stuff you gather in everyday life)
  8.  School assignments or projects due that week
  9.  Blog or work schedule
  10.  Prayer lists
  11.  Wish Lists/Christmas Lists
  12.  Journaling about your life
  13.  Mood Boards
  14.  Contact Pages
  15.  Extra note pages when you are out of room in your notebook

Really, the possibilities are endless.  One of the advantages to creating these to your existing books is to help keep things centralized.  It helps with organization as well as documentation.

What exactly can I tip-in?

Let me give you some ideas on this as well.

  1.  Kids' artwork
  2.  Photos
  3.  Greeting cards
  4.  Journal cards
  5.  Blank card stock
  6.  Art you create traditionally or digitally
  7.  Scripture cards (like those found in the free Prayer Journal Workshop or free Girls Faith Journal Kit)
  8.  Blank calendars or planner pages
  9.  Ephemera, memorabilia or collages (like tickets and programs)
  10.  Scrapbook paper or cardstock

Again with the endless possibilities!

To get you started, I'm offering these free simple cards that can be printed on cardstock and added to your books.  They are ready to be printed and if the book is smaller than an A5 size (half sheet of paper), just adjust the magnification when you print and make them smaller!  You can use them as-is or pretty them up with your doodles and/or art.  Just click on the image or button below to download these for free.

Click for your Free Tip-Ins

So ahead and try it!  I'll bet you become addicted.