5 Arguments That Prove You Are Creative

You are creative. Period.  One of the things I hear the most when I tell people about Grace in Color is that they are not artistic or creative.  It's just not true (notice that I resisted the urge to say “Hogwash”).  Even if you never choose to practice your creativity in the ways other artists do, I want you to understand that it's in there.  Do some people have more God-given talent with paints or instruments?  Absolutely!  And to tell you the truth, I’m not one of those people.  However, I still love to create.  There is a satisfaction from producing something new that offers a sense of great joy, even if the outcome is not worthy of sharing with anyone else.  You feel it too, right?  You are creative, and I want you to look at your creativity in a different light.  Art journaling or mixed media or sewing or {insert anything traditionally artistic here} may not interest you, but I want you to believe in your creative spirit, and I want you to own it.  

5 Arguments That Prove You are Creative

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1.  You are creative because the ultimate Creator made you in His image. 

A catch phrase going around Christian creative circles right now is that we are “Created to Create”.  And honestly, I get it. It’s a clever phrase.  I totally understand the sentiment behind it.  God formed us in His image after all.  And He created all things (Genesis 1:1).  But as I really look at this phrase, I do not want to make it an excuse to do something I happen to enjoy without really understanding it.  I need to dig a little deeper and stare into the Truth of the actual reason I was created before I can settle in on it fully.  I was created to glorify God.  Not to add to His glory as I could never do that.  But to display His glory.  I must do everything through that lens.  The act of being creative is just one way to glorify God.  

All of that said, how cool is it that I am the daughter of the original Artist?  The daughter of the Creator of everything in the universe, from the lusciously green blades of grass under my feet to the brightest, farthest star in the heavens.  He paints the sky with color and fills the forest with sweet music.  Every day. And he created us in His image (Genesis 1:26).  That is nothing short of awesome.

2.  You are reflecting the Maker when you create.

As I mentioned, I was created to glorify an almighty God.  And so were you.  (Isaiah 43:7) The reason for our existence is to worship Him and display His Glory to an onlooking world so that they may see Him more clearly.  And this is how we should approach our creativity.  When we create, we are taking one thing and making it into something new. In this act of creating, we are reflecting the Maker.  He created everything from nothing.  And he causes our dead hearts to become alive.  The clay does nothing to deserve becoming a beautiful bowl.  It’s all up to the Potter.  Just like that clay, we do nothing to earn our salvation.  It’s all grace.  This is the message a dying world needs to hear and one we can tell through our testimonies and through our art.

3.  You are drawn to beautiful things, even when they are practical.

My husband and oldest son both love to work with their hands in a little workshop we have out back.  The things they can create from wood totally impress me.  Yes, all of that furniture we buy at the store actually starts out as slabs of wood and nails.  Who knew?  Anyway, the point is that they are creative as they build.  And although the final piece is usually practical, it is still artistic.

All you have to do is look around any home furnishing store to see that a table is much more than just a table.  A craftsman designed and created it to be lovely as well as utilitarian.  And we are drawn to certain styles based on what we think is beautiful.  God’s artwork, the fabric of the Earth itself, is also much more than just practical.  It is spectacular.  And it speaks to His glory. When we create, we reflect this artistic characteristic of God.  And when we are attracted to beautiful things, we should recognize that it is our creative souls that are speaking.

4.  You were a creative child.

Yes, I'm talking to you.  Do you have children?  If so, I’d be willing to bet that you have artwork covering your fridge.  Unless you are the smart mom who has figured out a way to stash (or trash) the masterpieces without devastating your little artist.  Regardless of visible evidence, children create.  Arts and crafts are an obligatory part of most kids’ events, and the number of painted handprints and pinecone turkeys brought into your home are a testimony to that fact.  Young boys and girls create because nobody told them they weren’t creative.  They cut and paste and color and draw because it’s in their nature, and they make one thing from another because they can.  And so did you, once upon a time, before you decided that you didn’t have time, or were not good enough.

5. You are already creating.

All of the evidence presented thus far leads us to realize that people, in general, are creative and are always making new and beautiful things.  And you, too, stand with humanity and create.  All the time. Do you know how to cook?  You are creating meals.  Do you clean your house and keep a bit of order?  You are creating a home.  Can you glue macaroni on construction paper with your child?  You are creating a memory.  Do you write out sermon notes?  You are creating a legacy of Truth for generations to come. It’s not much of a stretch to dip into the world of “art” and create with pens, paint, paper or other materials.  If that is something you are interested in, you can do it.  Create an easy practice notebook with the Journal in 7 Course and try a new way to journal with doodles or circle frames.   Or look around and be encouraged by all of the ways you are already creating in your everyday life.  It's a beautiful thing.

To sum it up, God is an artist, and He reveals Himself through His creation.  We were given His nature and can likewise reveal the majesty of God through our art.  We can allow every song we sing, story we write and canvas we paint to reflect a wonderful and glorious God.  And we can do this regardless of the actual lyrics, words or images.  Honestly, we must do this.  It’s simply who we are.

God made you in His image.  You are created to reflect His glory.  You are creative.  Let’s find some new ways to create together.

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If you are still stuck on ideas, download this quick list of 7 Art Journaling tricks for the non-artist.  Print it out and post it for inspiration.  Let's create together.  And let's worship God as we do it.
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